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                                                                ABOUT TENGIZAK (TM)

What does Tengizak mean, TENGIZA is an African word for “selling” and ZAK is a South African “slang’ word for money/cash (well known in the African community), so the combination of these two together TENGIZAK is how the name was formulated. (Trademark application approved)

The idea of lending capital directly to those who needed it most seemed too risky or impractical. The low income people were unfamiliar with the workings of the credit system and lacked assets to use as collateral for loans, even with low income prospects; they could hardly be expected to pay back the original amount.‘Tengizak’ founder has seized on micro lending’s success to argue that credit should be at the top of the chain of other universally recognized human rights such as the right to food, the right to work, and the right to shelter. Once access to credit is established individual recipients of a loan have the means to make the other rights possible through their own efforts.

Once the paper work is finished and all amounts are paid, the Tengizak agent/partner will commence training and will be assisted by the companies national sales, development manager and will be guided how to initiate the first section of their business structure and development of the entire team needed to establish a business successfully, thereby also giving the agent/partner time to fully understand how it all works before committing to monthly overheads. Agents will operate under a national NCR certificate under license from the head office of Tengizak, however partners will have thier own registration with the NCR


Quick micro loans offer fast cash relief for people in need of borrowing money up to R1000 maximum, as our focus on a certain niche demographic of client that would not even be considered for loans elsewhere, tengizak adheres strictly to the rules so as not to contravene the “reckless lending act”.


 We are business focused and that has a proven method that has a strong loyalty from existing customers and repeat business

 Hold ourselves and staff responsible for results and are innovative, display integrity, fairness and respect.

 Practice open, honest and direct communication – “say it like it is” attitude avoids future misunderstandings

 Discipline and commitment, and know that we need to operate as a team to achieve our overall objections and growth – “many strands make a rope strong”


“To be the preferred choice for privately owned microlenders that lend to a specific target market through quality, innovation and growth”. To set new standards for private micro finance and to lead the industry into a new era of reliability, professionalism and ethical practice are paramount”, as a member of the national credit regulator (NCRCP)3986 as regulated by the governance of South Africa and therefore abide strictly to the laws and regulations of the industry, our partners get the benefit of all our victories, and the protection of “corporate co-operation”, with further opportunities to become investors in other areas or business concerns.


The director is self-motivated, focused entrepreneur, with collectively thirty odd years experience in the micro lending/other industry, has initiative and excellent design and problem solving skills, which have been acquired through hands-on experience in the micro lending and other industries and consider themselves as motivated and strong no-nonsense personality; pet hates are liars, lazy and negative people. When setting my mind to something i strive to achieve it, and have no fear of failure because of an openness to learn and adapt, however learning new lessons constantly is part of life and understand that establishing the tengizak partners is a long term commitment.

Tengizak is particularly interested in people who possess some or all of the following attributes:

 A people’s person who is able to work with the public and has a pleasant, positive attitude, but a no-nonsense person WILLING TO LEARN

 A strong personality with good proven managerial skills, that is inclined to hands on approach

 Very good sales skills; experience in direct selling or sales management is preferable but not essential;

 A self-motivated and organized person who wants to succeed and is prepared to work hard

 Financially and ethically sound person who treats everyone with integrity, from the “mop-lady” to the president

 Someone that can pay the required fees and have cash available for at least 6 months personal living expenses while business is being established.


· The total cost provides you with a complete “turnkey” operation. It secures the rights to operate a buisness, using Tengizak trademarks and business systems. The initial fee is included in the set up costs. This includes all training and assistance

 Method of customer service that is unique in a pleasant atmosphere and safe, as we do not draw attention to ourselves

 Competent management personnel, opening with all the stock you will need ever need to run this business, as further stock growth should come from the Nett profits, until such a time that the franchisee is satisfied with their profit margins, once this is achieved bear in mind that 95% of our business is repeat to the same people so building long term relationships essential

 Well planned and organized business management systems, proven marketing and sales strategies, that get upgraded consistently

 All applications are approved as well as book keeping done via regional office and monthly reports submitted to Tengizak partner

 Staff, administration and financial issues are secured through effective and proven management techniques,

 Never taking unfair advantages of clients, but conducting business in a fair and ethical manner.

 Excellent payment results, this is usually a contentious issue when considering this type of business

 All advertising material, equipment needed to start (T&Cs apply)

 Training and continued follow up training, advice and assistance, you will be backed and supported by your tengizak partner within reason.

 Conferences and meetings held for partners to sharpen themselves on others experiences and get up to date with any law or operating changes

 Business operations and management procedures will be monitored and adjusted to get the best result for each partner


 Commitment and determination to succeed and that you are profit orientated but fundamentally part of the Tengizak “family” and as other business/investment opportunities present themselves further partnerships with other “partners” may be formed, more about this in our personal meeting

 Hard work and dedication to do the task and follow, adhere to the principles and methods that have already been tried and tested

 Hands on Management, be present in your endeavors, owner operation is preferable but not a final deciding factor.

 Loyalty to Tengizak ideals and objectives and support its growth through participation and mentoring of new partners, although you will be payed a daily fee to train/assist other partners

 A consistent improvement of standard of service in the areas of service range, customer relations, efficiency and management practices

 Compliance with the business methods and systems as per partnership agreement, we do not wish to go to war with our operators but save that energy for dealing with other battles and challenges that life brings, that we can all benefit from moving forward as a team

 To grow yourself personally, as well as you’re trading footprint in your allocated area

 The more successful you are the more head office would look at involving you in the management, national policies or decisions

We invite you to join our winning team and become part of our success story by starting your own Tengizak partnership, should you wish to receive further information regarding this business opportunity, please complete the APPLICATION FORM at the bottom of the opportunities/jobs page along with a copy of your identity document and a brief cv and your plan forward for yourself only thereafter would we want to meet in person , please understand that we have been trading and perfecting our craft continuously and have paid for our experience over the years and do not give out our trade secrets easily, so if you are interested in being a business partner a non-refundable deposit will indicate your serious intention and win our confidence, please do not insult us by trying to gain this information without this serious consideration, feel free to  send any comments and questions to email