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Introduction to Tengizak Partnership/job opportunities

This page serves as an introduction to Tengizak, there is so much information we would like to share, but here are some basic points.

  • Tengizak cc is a registered member of the NCR .
  • Tengizak cc has a proven track record and the owners have many years experience in the cash loans industry, agents/partners could gross more than R40 000 PM, tengizak has an option to partner-up with you, although a minimum buy-in is essential. 
  • This is a re-sellable business that can be started in any town or suburb all over the country, once it is established and can easily boast a return of investment of around 3 times within the first 2 years. bear in mind although cash loans have a negative stigma attached to them this industry is more regulated than most and in our view more morally correct than many other, it is suitable for ALL AGES, some of our best agents are ladies/men in their late fifties+, this is really an ideal opportunity for those finding it hard to get work, YOU WILL NEVER NEED TO BE UNEMPLOYED AGAIN!
  • The head office provides full training and support on a continuous basis as the Tengizak is serious about every partner making a success and is committed to a growth throughout the whole of South Africa, Tengizak will show you our methods and operational methods however it will be your own registered company subject to the laws and regulations.
  • This business once it is built will keep the owner busy from 8am -5pm Monday to friday, with very little security risk as there is very little cash at your home office and all the clients are screened and pre-approved and most are repeat customers, what is really great about this business is once you have reached your ideal sales target to earn what you want the busy times are reduced to the first two weeks of the month the rest is pretty laid back, affording our partners the opportunity to do those holidays or hobbies they could never have working for a boss, but make no mistake to get there is a serious commitment, nothing worthwhile is easy
  • Should you require any more information please contact our offices, or do have someone that you think may be interested we pay a referral fee of R3500 on any successful “purchase” from that introduction (t&c’s apply)


Option 1

People who want to maximize profit from limited funds available , those that want to work for themselves with very little staff and other concerns, preferably a hands on person that has a good administrative and strong control factor, agents/partners’s have the opportunity to work from the local office until they have found their “groove” and then work from home thereafter

Option 2

People that are serious about finding work that prove themselves worthy through sacrifice and hard work, are you unemployable because of your age, race, qualification (under/over), then pay attention, this is a minimum commitment period of 2 years before we would consider financing you to own your own partnership, as we have a mentoring mentality to develop staff into people that can run their own business’s we will partner with, own reliable car is essential, we work mondays to fridays, all training will be done in pretoria, interested then send your cv via email

Costs Of  the business opportunity may vary according to your earning requirements

training & set-up cost plus an amount for sales depending on your desired earnings required:

  • Monthly Fee will be applicable based on your requirements and our input (t & c’s apply)
  • It Is Important To Remember That As In All Start Up Business That You Are Able To Cary Yourself For 6 Months, should you not have the capital then there is the option to work/learn from us.
  • a minimum required for your sales will be needed according to your tailored business plan and consultation with Tengizak and must be paid into your business account, this money is exclusively for your sales book and must not be used for anything else, we also advise that you have enough funds in your business account to carry yourself for at least a few months


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    Acknowledge that I am looking into the possibility of purchasing a Tengizak franchise from Tengizak. Confidential information will be made available to me. I agree for a period of two years from the date of signature that I shall neither directly or indirectly, nor through family, a Company or Close corporation, participate or share any information gained through my association with tengizak, and refrain from doing so for a period of 12 months from my last communication with tengizak, also I agree that tengizak may do background and itc / other checks necessary to verify any information.

    The parties hereto acknowledge that the aforesaid confidentiality agreement is just and reasonable and herewith agree I will also not disclose any confidential information regarding the affairs of Tengizak to any other party without the express consent in writing from tengizak directors, please understand that we have been trading and perfecting our craft continuously and have paid for our experience over the years and do not give out our trade secrets easily, so if you are interested in a franchise a non-refundable deposit will indicate your serious intention and win our confidence, please do not insult us by trying to gain this information without this serious consideration, feel free to send any comments and questions to email or

    I Accept The Confidentiality Agreement